Blender and Shaker Bottle Features You Really Need to Know About

Blender and Shaker Bottle Features You Really Need to Know About

If you are new to the world of blender and shaker bottles, read on for an understanding of the features and technology, and picking the right blender bottle – for you.


So, you run on down to your local sports stores or ecommerce sites and check all features of blender and shaker bottles, your vision blurs, your head smackers. You question yourself, “What features do I need to shake and blend comfortably for a healthy lifestyle?” Each option you come across outdoes the other with claims for longevity, durability, maybe battery and whatever this blending bottle stuff is all about. There’s much hype and hyperbole around an assortment of blending bottle models available today. What’s a fitness freak to do?

Independent Jar and Lid System

One thing is for sure – you are looking for a blender and shaker bottle that can go with you to almost anywhere, anytime. You cannot afford to find a corner for your favorite protein shake or smoothie. As a feature of a perfect blender bottle, an independent jar and lid system are what you need. A flexible, separable apparatus that is small enough to carry a small lump of your protein dose and fruits or nuts plus milk or water. Whatever the recipe, an autonomous jar will hold your ingredients and a lid to shut the store.

Sharp Mixing System

Say goodbye to lump-filled and uneven shakes or smoothies. Imagine your day bumpy with bowdlerized fruits and vegetables, protein powder thrashing a coarse feeling in every sip. As the feature of a shaker and blender bottle, that’s not something pleasant enough. Your blender and shaker bottle unite to make it an easy experience. Razor-edged, sharpened blades that cut through every piece of solid or semi-solid ingredient makes a great mixing and blending system – one that pours you a smooth shake and makes it a decadent part of your day.

USB Rechargeable Battery

Yet again, you can’t carry a quintal load equipment to the gym or work. In the form of the right features of a shaker and blender bottle, you want it to easily charge up when required. Lengths of wires with plug sockets and switch boards probably belong to the blender and shaker of 20th century. In the new age, however, we seek a plug and play thing. We need a blender and shaker bottle that can be recharged anywhere, anytime. A USB rechargeable battery is what your shaker bottle needs. Always look for a power option that rewards a 2000mAh battery at least; one that can be plugged to any USB accessible device for a quick recharge.

Moreover, you can’t keep hopping on and off the electric charging port. Your battery should be handsome enough to blend at least 3-4 mugs of shakes and smoothies in one day. Apart from this fact, you must be aware that the blade-motor system consumes maximum power. Therefore, your battery should be able to store and power a heavy-duty motor for a prolonged period of time.

Portable and Stylish

A compact, ergonomic design is what you should always be looking for in a blender and shaker bottle. A completely self-contained system, one that is ideal for carriage almost anywhere, can be one of the foremost features of a blender and shaker bottle. Whether an extra-large shaker bottle or a mini shaker mug, whether sturdy gym requirements of loads of protein shakes or slim-trim juices, your blender and shaker bottle must allow you to easily carry the bottle for a run, slide it to the bag pocket, or place it at your work desk.

Bottle Material

Surgical grade stainless steel used in your blender and shaker bottle? Is that enough? Our health and wellness practitioners don’t agree. They say you can’t settle for just that. As a really important feature of a blender and shaker bottle, it should be manufactured from BPA-free food grade material. While you are looking for such a feature in a blending bottle, you mustn’t also miss another aspect of it: your blender and shaker bottle should be equally fit for safe and secured usage.


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