Blendervibe – How to make a banana smoothie

Blendervibe – How to make a banana smoothie

Nutritional Benefits of Bananas

Banana smoothie can be had all round the year, because unlike mangoes, banana is not a seasonal fruit. This makes it a top choice for many people around the world. Bananas are very rich in nutrients, particularly minerals like potassium and magnesium. They are also a rich source of fiber. They are known to lower the blood pressure and even reduce digestive problems and the risk of asthma and cancer. One serving of banana (about 126 grams) gives you 110 calories and contains 30 grams of carbohydrates and 1 gram of protein.

Benefits of Bananas

How to pick the ingredients for your banana smoothie

Pick the really ripe bananas if you want a really sweet tasting smoothie and add slices of frozen banana if you want a banana smoothie that is very creamy. As long as it is warm, bananas ripen fast. You can increase the speed of ripening of a banana by placing it in a brown paper bag at room temperature.
In addition to the banana, you can also add the juice of half an orange, just to make it that much richer in Vitamin C. You can substitute the yoghurt you are to add with Greek Yoghurt as well. To help the ingredients blend faster, add half a glass of milk or even water (do not worry—it will not affect the consistency much).

What you will need to make the smoothie

• Banana-1, sliced ripe or frozen
• Orange-1/2, peeled and quartered
• Greek yogurt-1/3 cup
• Water or milk-1/4 cup
• Honey-1 teaspoon, optional

The process of making the smoothie

Blend all the ingredients in Blendervibe and add honey only if you want a dash of extra sweetness. The banana should already lend the smoothie a good bit of sweetness. You can also add some protein powder, hemp or chia seeds as well. You can also add spinach or kale if you do not wish to use yoghurt.

process of making the smoothie

If you want a non-dairy smoothie…

If you want to make a non-dairy smoothie, you can substitute the Greek yoghurt with green vegetables such as spinach or kale as described earlier, both of which would lend it quite a bit of thickness. You can also use nut butter or protein shakes to achieve the same result. For the milk itself, you may use soy milk as well.

Other alternatives to add some pep to your smoothie

If you wish to pep up your smoothie, you can add ground ginger or even turmeric or cinnamon to the blend. They all work well to make that smoothie you have been dying for. You can also add cocoa powder if you like a chocolatey banana smoothie.

No matter what you do, however, your smoothie won’t be perfect if you do not use Blendervibe to mix it all up.So pick one up today, and who knows there might be a good discount on it too!