Blendervibe – How USB Charging Helps

Blendervibe – How USB Charging Helps

The usefulness of USB

All bodies are not created equal. You may bulk up with no effort at all in the gym, whereas your neighbor might take significantly longer. But both of you can use the same gym equipment. The routines will differ and the time you need to do them too. The same is the case with USB charging.

The same USB port can be on several different devices, but the power it needs to draw and the charging times will be different. Blendervibe is no exception. We provided a simple USB charging solution to the customer using the Blendervibe so that he may use even aftermarket chargers, and feel perfectly safe, provided the specifications match.

usefulness of USB

Blendervibe does not take long to charge

Let us go back to our example. The fact that it takes lesser time for you to bulk up is analogous to Blendervibe needing lesser time to charge through USB than let’s say a bulkier device such as a laptop that charges through USB. Though the latest stage in the evolution of USB is the USB-C and our device uses the still more common USB-B, it does suffice for the purpose we aim to use it for.

Also, the circuitry contained within the Blendervibe is first in its class worldwide. This is evidenced by the fact that a single charge on the Blendervibe can give us up to 10 cups of juice. That should easily take you through a day or even two maybe. That’s a little more than 3 liters of juice on a single charge. That’s quite a bit. Congrats! You made the right choice with Blendervibe.

Always use the USB charger supplied with Blendervibe to charge it

All bodies are not created equal. Let us revisit our example. Let us say, a person with a less robust frame than you wants to take the same weights that you generally take or even higher. Do you think it would be a good idea? Certainly not. Actually, it might be so likely to lead to injury that you will surely advise them against it.

USB charger - Blendervibe

What would be your solution to the problem? You would simply ask them to take lesser weights to begin with that are suited to their body frame. What is the analogy here? Always use the charger supplied with Blendervibe to charge it. Any other cable may not work and a wall charger might actually overcharge the portable blender and cause irreversible damage to it. This is not something you or we want.

The ubiquity of it all

Customers have come to expect devices with USB chargers. It is something like expecting a bench-press in a gym. USB has become so ubiquitous that you really couldn’t design a USB portable blender without making a provision for charging via USB. Apart from charging capabilities, it also allows you to use another charging cable of the same specifications.

You could charge from any portable source also—another advantage of going with USB. Lastly, a USB port seems an absolute necessity for anything portable. Even a portable blender such as Blendervibe needs one. Who would want to carry around a proprietary charger given that so many devices around use USB? No one.

We realized how important USB would be to the customer and so decided to go with a USB port on the front of the blender. The specification is also a common one, making it easy for the customer to get an aftermarket cable for the blender. What more can one ask for? Let us know if you found this article useful. Also write to us if you think we can make Blendervibe better. Pick up Blendervibe today, and make good health and happiness yours.