Blendervibe is the blender for your next road trip!

Health must be a priority even on a roadtrip

If your car is fresh out of the factory or even the garage, sometimes you want to take it out for a spin. Putting the key into the ignition, giving it a nice twist, and sitting back and hearing your engine roaring to life is just the beginning. You need to then plan for everything you will be doing on that trip. You need to plan for all the people you would be taking with you on that trip. Not just your health, but the health of your fellow sojourners should be of concern to you as well.


How about a portable blender for the road?

If you are traveling but do not want to compromise on anyone’s health, you must carry something with you. You should carry a bottle of good health with you. And it is quite literally that. Blendervibe is the most amazing portable blender you can pick up right now, and all the reasons we have for that are well justified. Let us now examine a few of those very compelling reasons.

That precious white T-shirt

We all have that one precious white suit or T-shirt we are all too worried about. High quality Japanese materials have been used in the construction of the bottle. If you put something in the bottle after blending it, it will stay there as long as you want it to. Do not worry about the contents ever spilling or the bottle ever breaking. And because the Blendervibe is airtight, whatever shakes or juices you have blended with it will be there in the blender for as longs as you want them to. Get back in time to savor them in all their freshness, or later if you just don’t have the time. Blendervibe will still serve you well, provided it is not hours and hours later!

Blendervibe is compact enough to fit into a cupholder

Most people plan road trips on a lazy summer morning. And because it is the summer, it gets hotter and hotter as the day passes by. And we knew that a road trip is a time when you will need more juice to get by, so we decided to make the Blendervibe small enough to fit in your car. Blendervibe fits into the cupholder of your car. It is that compact. You need not drop it into the luggage and conveniently forget about it. And if you happen to be the driver or the navigator, well, you just found heaven. You can have it right next to you.

Can be charged conveniently via USB

Last, but not the least, you can charge Blendervibe conveniently via USB. And it does not need too much power. A regular mobile charging cable that matches the ratings of the cable provided with the box will help you charge the Blendervibe back up without a worry. Use a mobile phone, your laptop, or a power bank as the source. Your car will most certainly have a power source as well. And since it is a road trip after all, feel free to use that power source for your Blendervibe. No matter what, give those blades a whirr and get a protein shake going. Drink, blend, have fun on the go. You can thank us later!