How to use and clean the Blender Bottle | Blendervibe

How to use and clean the Blender Bottle | Blendervibe

You’re quite serious about your health. We are equally serious about it. Therefore, our blender and shaker bottle is crafted for a hassle-free experience.


How to use the Blendervibe Blender Bottle?

Step 1: Carefully go through the instructions listed on the manual. To start, fill in the liquid and solid food into the shaker jar basis the respective measurement scale printed on the bottle.


Step 2: Next, it’s time to spice up your drink. Put the lid back on the bottle and press the blend button to spend 2-3 minutes watching your drink shake up. No lumps, no solid stuff; enjoy your tasty, healthy liquid.


Note: You can always keep your Blender and Shaker Bottle charged up. Please pay attention to the charging levels. Anytime, plug in your blender bottle to a USB connection and recharge.


How to clean the Blendervibe Blender Bottle?

The Blender Bottle jar’s body and bottom can be separated, making it very easy-to-clean. Simple: clean the bottom and blades using normal water. Wash the body instantly after making the shake.


Safety of Blender Bottle | Blendervibe

The Blendervibe Blender and Shaker Bottle is engineered to fulfill only one motive: keeping you healthy and fit. The bottle body is manufactured from BPA free and best-quality food grade material, ensuring a healthy drink daily.


In addition, the built-in safety features prevent overheating even when the Blender Bottle is running continuously. Finally, the bottle won’t start if all components are not assembled properly. You’re safe! Have your drink and stay healthy.