Recipe for Apple Celery Carrot Juice


What does winter remind you of?

The good things— Christmas and Thanksgiving and of course New Year.

A time of merrymaking and fun. But is that all? Not quite.

Winter in the hemispheres closer to the poles brings asthma, depression, weight gain etc.

These are a cause for concern, being conditions that need mandatorily need care and management, as a total cure is not available.

Of course, a glass of juice will not necessarily keep these conditions away, but it will leave you feeling healthier and fresher throughout the day.

Why Apple Celery Carrot Juice:-

You can go on long jogs or even runs without really feeling fatigue, thanks to the presence of healthy vitamins like Vitamin A and C. And it is no secret that all veggies, and green veggies like celery in particular, are really good for you. They are rich in antioxidants and iron content. Iron helps maintain healthy blood circulation and antioxidants help maintain overall body health and the glow of the skin.

 Apple Celery Carrot Juice benefits


Today let us try the Apple Celery Carrot juice (with the optional addition of parsley). We will be preparing 16 oz (or 500 ml) of this juice. To prepare 500 ml of this juice, we will be using the following ingredients:

  1. 2 medium sized apples
  2. 1 head of celery
  3. 2 to 3 medium sized carrots.
  4. Parsley to taste

To prepare Apple Celery Carrot juice, we must blend the ingredients in a USB blender, preferably a portable one such as Blendervibe.

Make sure that you drink up the juice as soon as it is ready. Any delay in consumption could lead to a loss of vitamins from the mix because it is exposed to the air. If you want to feel the goodness of all the vitamins, particularly vitamins like A and C, make sure you drink up the juice soon.

And hope that the juice was a tasty treat for you.

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