Recipe for Green Apple Ginger Ale

Recipe for Green Apple Ginger Ale

Winter is coming! We have all heard that one. But how many of us approach that saying with a cautionary note? what we often forget is how winter brings with it a lot of health-related problems (though not for everyone). Some of the problems you should be concerned about are asthma, weight gain, depression, and digestive disorders.

Recipe for Green Apple Ginger Ale

A cup of hot soup would have been the only good option a long time back, primarily because of manual blenders. But today with electric blenders coming in, and now portable blenders with rechargeable batteries, that has changed. Also, spices are available throughout the year and in abundance now all around the world, making spiced juices a convenient and sometimes better option.

But why is spiced juice a better option than a bowl of soup?

First, you could carry it around with you safer than a flask of soup. No more worries of spilling the hot liquid contained in a flask on yourself. Second, you can save on wood, gas, or electricity (whatever it takes to get that heat going) you would need to bring the contents to a boil for a cup of soup. Third, and most important, they may be healthier than soups. Certain fruits may also be richer in certain vitamins than vegetables, and therefore a better choice.

Today we will make a Green Apple Ginger Ale with a serving being 16 ounces or 500 ml

For one serving of Green Apple Ginger Ale, we would need the following ingredients:

3 medium sized apples - (graphic for 3 apples)

A bunch of celery or 3 pieces of zucchini – (graphic for 3 zucchini or celery)

2 lemons to taste (Optional) – (graphic for 2 lemons)

½ to ¾ teaspoon of powdered ginger – (graphic for ginger)


Mix all the above ingredients in a blender. Serve cold and drink it up immediately. You should do this because on exposure to air, some of the vitamins like A and C are lost from the juice. And don’t forget to use the best portable blender in the market—Blendervibe!

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