The paraphernalia around your fitness regime is so huge and dense that it can be difficult to wrap your head around it at times. It starts with kettle bells, dumbbells, treadmills, and ellipticals at home and ends with the shoes on your daily jog or the fitness mat, music systems, and equipment at your gym.Of course, that’s not all. There are a lot more things you carry around in your gym bag—clothes to change and socks and wrist braces etc. Are you forgetting something? Yes, you are.

What if you could carry a blender? What if you could make the juices and shakes you wanted to make when you wanted to make them? What if you had some fruit salad in a box you just wish you could just gulp down in two or three mouthfuls? A portable blender with USB charging capability is what you need. And you also want something that is light and very portable. Its ergonomic design also must be suited to your requirements.

Once you have everything in place and you use only the highest quality materials to manufacture, you have the perfect blender. Is there such a thing as a perfect portable blender. There is. You wonder how we can be so sure? Because we made it!

We wanted to use only the highest quality materials, and we did. We wanted to make it BEPA-free, and we did. We wanted to adopt a design that would help with its use, and we improved on the ergonomics. We also wanted to uncomplicate its use. So we untied the unyielding knots, and we made it work with a one-key operation.

 And we did all of this because we are aware of how important health and fitness are and because we would like to design products that improve the health of our consumers. We would like to offer products that are great value, products that are safe and durable, and products that meet and exceed the customer’s expectations. It’s a tough ask, but when you are as driven as we are as a company, things fall in place. And more often than not, we make products that address all these previously mentioned requirements.